Our 'To-Go' lunch boxes are a variety of cold meals to enjoy at the beach or on the boat. Served in biodegradable boxes and with compostable cutlery and sauce cups.


BLT Sandwich

Bacan Lettuce Tomato sandwich served with hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise
and a small raw veggie salad

$ 9,00

Chicken curry Wrap

served with a curry creme sauce, small raw veggie salad and spicy chickpeas

$ 11,00

Cesar salad with tuna steak

served with cesar sauce , romaine lettuce, diced tuna steak
and parmesan cheese shavings

$ 11,00


with mint, crispy vegetables, chickpeas and raisins

$ 8,50


Salmon Bagel

served with dill sauce, avocado, cucumber and a small raw veggie salad

$ 16,00

Shrimps Wrap

made with creole rice and plantain, served with a small raw veggie salad and spicy mayo

$ 15,00

Chicken Skewers

made with Colombo spices, sour cream with herbs or chilli sauce,
served with sweet potatoes and a small raw veggie salad

$ 15,00

Quinoa Salad

served with seeds, romaine lettuce, small raw veggies salad, avocado, mango
and ginger sesame oil dressing

$ 14,00


Beef Thai Salad

made with coriander, ginger, rice noodles and lemongrass

$ 21,00

Lobster Salad

made with citrus sauce, mango and avocado, served with small cheese bread roll

$ 21,00

Shrimps Skewers

served with a sauce of coconut and green curry, small mix salad and turmeric rice

$ 19,00



made with white chocolate chips and cranberries, 4 pieces

$ 3,50


made with dark chocolate and pecan nuts

$ 3,50


made with the flavour of the day

$ 4,00

Fresh fruit salad

with a mix of delicious fruits

$ 4,00

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