Here is a menu to discover Caribbean flavors that will delight the palate of the most gourmets!

$ 85.00


Let's get acquainted..

Colombo chicken skewers

Eggplant caviar, salad and croutons

Wahoo carpaccio

Creole sauce and roasted cashew nuts

Duo of avocados and mangoes

Spicy vinaigrette and small toasts

Main Course

A choice of...

Caramelized pork tenderloin and pineapple

Grilled vegetables and grilled sweet potatoes

Snapper fillet marinated in lime

Grilled green beans and pumpkin gratin

Lobster risotto

Served with a mix of sautéed vegetables


A choice of...

Pineapple carpaccio

Basilic flavored cream

Sweet cream

Flavored with coconut

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