A nice evening with friends

For a nice evening with friends we offer tapas for 8 persons or more. You will have nothing to prepare, everything will be delivered to your home from aperitif or a full meal according to your appetite and your desires. To better serve you, think about placing your personalized order 48 hours in advance.  

Caramelised porc quesadillas

$ 4,00

Green curry, salmon miniburger

or Foie gras mini burger, mango chutney

$ 6,00

Mini skewers beef teriaky

ou chicken curry, shrimp sweet chili, pineapple porc, scallop apple ginger

$ 3,00

Smoked salmon or lobster mini wraps

$ 5,50

Guacamol humous duo , toasted tortillas

$ 3,50

Vegetarian mini club sandwich

$ 3,00

Rare snacked sesame tuna

$ 5,50

Mini salad box, raw veggies, croutons and parmesan

$ 3,50

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