A sweet and savory formula that will delight your guests for all your occasions with family or friends.

Suggestion for 8 to 10 persons


Cold roast beef platter, sweet relish sauce

Gougères garnished with cream cheese with herbs

10 pieces

Duck breast skewers with sweet spices and prunes

10 pièces

Smoked salmon wrap

10 pièces

Lobster and raw vegetables Spring Roll,
sweet and sour sauce

10 pièces

Mini foie gras burger, apple and mango chutney

10 pièces

Green salad and raw vegetables box,
small croutons and shavings of parmesan

10 pièces

Vegetarian mini club sandwich

10 pièces

Potato and squid salad, chipotle mayonnaise
adobo sauce

Citrus tabbouleh and crunchy vegetables

Thai salad with shrimps, ginger, mango,
and crunchy vegetables, green curry sauce

Assortment of cheeses and dried fruits

Assortment of poppy and sesame breads
and small rolls with tapenade and parmesan


Passion fruit cream puffs

10 pièces

Pecan Brownie

Mango cheesecake

Creole coconut jelly pudding and crumble

10 pièces

Financiers, perfume on request

10 pièces

Lemon cake with chia seeds

10 pièces

Fresh cut fruit cup

10 pièces

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